Mobile DJ Trade Tips - Issue 42 - DJ Competition

Early Summer Competition

Depending on where you live it may not seem like summer yet so we thought we'd brighten up the lives of two lucky readers with our latest competition. Our thanks go to our trade supporters; DJ Wrapz and Astera LED Technology.

Have a read of our reviews, answer the question and email it to us for a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes.

Astera Wall Washer

Uplighting has been around for some time now, although it still hasn't lost its appeal or wow factor. The biggest problem with uplighting is the time taken to set it up, plugging into nearby sockets and trailing lengthy DMX cables round the room.

Let me introduce you to a company called Astera who have solved the problem. A German based company, they have a dedicated team that research and develop LED solutions for lighting effects.

The linear wireless wall washer is rechargeable and can be controlled with a small hand held remote (sold separately). In fact, during our tests, eight units held their charge (with some to spare) for two whole 5 hour gigs.

The units are slim and produce vibrant colours. Each unit comes complete with a choice of an opaque lens or diffuser lens. Without any cover, the beam is straight and has a very long throw. The diffuser spreads the beam which is ideal if you want to wash the breadth of a wall rather than height.

There are three sizes available; small (25cm) medium (50cm) and large (100cm) - see insert picture below. The outstanding feature has to be the powerful RGBW LEDS that allow you to obtain an infinite number of shades and colours. Those illusive pastel colours and gold/yellow can be achieved easily.

Astera Uplighting

The units have several inbuilt chaser programmes. As standalone units, the fire, rainbow (above), flag running, spiral and fades look amazing. You even have control of the colours used within each chase pattern. For example, fire can be made with any combination of colours such as red and blue, orange and yellow; the possibilities are endless. With the use of the controller, you can stretch the effect across all units with some breath-taking results.

The controller also allows you to have groups and sets, so giving you maximum control at the touch of a button. A charging case is available.

For more information go to We've also put together a short video of the lights in action at

DJ Wrapz

If you're looking for an affordable way to tidy up your rig, DJ Wrapz is the answer. Made of lightweight durable stretch fabric, Wrapz are available for both tripods and tables. Many DJs use the standard venue supplied table. By using the table Wrapz, this is an ideal way of integrating it into your show and making a feature of it.

In the DJ Wrapz product range are speaker stand covers, both single and double panelled, and a table cover suitable for a 6ft trestle table in white or black. These well-made items have incredible stretch and give a new meaning to one size fits all! Each of the Wrapz comes in its own protective zip bag.

If it's a discreet look you are after, then the black Wrapz are a perfect solution; hiding away any untidy cables and allowing you to blend into the background.

To make a feature of your rig, any kind of light can be placed behind the white Wrapz (including the Astera wall washer) to an astounding effect. From LED uplighters/floods/par cans to old gobo lights or cluster lasers, the effect is definitely eye catching.

DJ Wrapz

Speaker stand covers

Available as either one panel or two, they attach easily and simply on most tripod stands. The upright pole slips into a reinforced hole, while the floor poles fit neatly into cup shapes. There are no fiddly straps to tie or Velcro to get tangled. From a health and safety aspect, whether you use the white or black Wrapz, the tripod stand gives the appearance of a solid object, thus becoming more visible and less likely to be a trip hazard.

Table cover

It takes less than a minute to cover a venue table. The legs fits into cup shapes and keeps the cover taught and in place. In the top, there are three covered holes allowing cables to be threaded through to keep the appearance neat and tidy. The open back enables you to access the space under the table without disturbing the cover.

AMPdj members can save 20% off all published prices using the discount code available in the members area.

The Prizes

We have two star prizes to give away to two lucky winners:
Astera Linear wall washer (50cm). As a standalone unit it is an ideal feature behind the rig; co-ordinating a static colour with the theme of the event or in one of the many special modes (RRP for single unit is £375).

DJ Wrapz package. Included, are two white double panelled tripod covers and one white table cover, supplied with their own protective zip bags (RRP for package is £149). The winner can specify black covers if required.

The Competition

Sorry this competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winners:
Keith Mansbridge, KMM Disco, Peterborough - winner of the DJ Wrapz and Matt Brown, CDK Entertainments, Dudley - winner of the Astera Wall Washer.

Sandy & Paul

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