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Hopefully you are enjoying a prosperous December with lots of fun filled parties. I bet you are looking forward to a rest!

If you are fed up with the ‘Great Escape’ and know all the lyrics off by heart to the ‘Sound of Music’, how about relaxing with a good book over Christmas instead?

In this newsletter we will be presenting four very different books to whet your appetite. As promised last time we've included two new publications by AMPdj members, the third is our very own best seller and the last one is a short childrens' book written by Sandy. Each will offer you something different so check out the preview links below and then make your choice(s).

'How to DJ - Get More Gigs and Read a Crowd' by Karlton Rowley

How to DJKarlton is a seasoned DJ who has played to the masses in clubs both in the UK and abroad. He has developed a successful mobile disco business too.

The title doesn't do this book justice. Although it covers all forms of DJing, where it excels is giving you ideas of how to break into the club scene as a DJ and work your way up. It goes into great detail on how to get your foot in the door, perfect your art and get noticed. The marketing ideas, especially for clubs, are tried and tested but most importantly, have never been spelt out so clearly before. Karlton is really giving away his secrets to success in this book.

It is currently available as an eBook from Amazon priced at £6.57. If you don’t own a Kindle, it’s not a problem as the Kindle App is available to download for free from the Amazon website and works on any device.

You can read a preview here and find the link to the Amazon eBook page.
'Chasing the Bean - The Inspirational Life Story of Pervez Hussain' by Pervez Hussain and Sandy Sounds

Chasing the BeanPervez is one of our blind AMPdj members. Although this isn’t strictly a DJ book, it is a great read for anyone; young or old. If you are struggling for a Christmas present for someone, this is the perfect choice.

It retells the inspirational life story of how he lost his sight and later developed crippling kidney failure but still went on to have a successful career in the West Mercia Police Service and run a mobile disco business. Told in a humorous way, it is packed with tear jerking moments and hilarious events that will have the reader both laughing and crying all within the same chapter!

It's available now on Amazon as an eBook for £4.27. The paperback version will be available from 17th December (£5.99 + P&P) and you can pre-order this by contacting Pervez at A preview (with the Amazon link) is available here.

"Such an inspirational person and it's an honour to call Pervez my friend. This book definitely makes you laugh and will also make you cry. An amazing person who has touched the hearts of a lot of people and will continue doing so! Definitely worth reading, it's one you can't put down x" by Charl
'DJ Hanks Really Useful Guide for Your Mobile Disco Business' by Paul Smith and Sandy Sounds

Your Mobile Disco BusinessAlthough not a new release, the information in the book is still as valid today as it was when published just two years ago.

Written by the AMPdj team, it delves deep into promoting your mobile disco business and marketing methods to increase both the quantity and quality of gigs in your diary. Packed full of useful and practical ideas, it is a must read for both the 'well experienced and ‘new to the industry’ DJ.

To preview this one click here. You can order it as an eBook from Amazon or as a paperback from the AMPdj Store (whilst stocks last). To receive it by Christmas please order before 6th December.

"I have just finished reading this book and I have to say the content is very accurate and in-depth. As a professional entertainer of over 20 years as a DJ & Magician I have read nothing that has come close to the good solid advise in this book.

I would highly recommended it to anyone either in the business or new performers who don't want to make all the common mistakes and pitfalls I myself & I expect most others made at the beginning of their journey. I wish this was available when I started out it would have saved me a fortune not to mention the frustration of doing stupid things. Well done Paul & Sandy I'm sure this will become the book we recommend when handing the torch over.
" James
My Brother Ben… And The Caterpillar Suit by Sandy Sounds

My Brother BenHere’s one for the kids (& those still young at heart).

This is the first of a new series of books aimed at children aged 7+.

It follows the exploits of a naughty brother. It is designed to encourage independent reading and should also evoke a few chuckles along the way!

It is available to preview on Amazon and to purchase as an eBook for just 77p.
We hope you enjoy reading these books as much as we have enjoyed writing or helping to produce them.

Here's wishing you a relaxing Christmas and a great New Year.
From Sandy, Paul and the AMPdj Team

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