Mobile DJ Trade Tips - Issue 36

Everyone's a Winner Baby - That's the Truth!


We know it's only November... and we're talking Christmas competition already! There's a very good reason for that.

In partnership with Prolight, Electra Voice (EV) and Mastermix, we have some terrific prizes to be won in this issue and we want the lucky winners to receive them in time for their Christmas bookings.

Take a read through our reviews on these exciting prizes, answer the one simple question, email us your details and you could be receiving an early Christmas present. In fact, all entries to this year's competition will also receive a special Mastermix CD.

Prolight Equinox Scantastic 4

Prolight Scantastic 4We've had the Famous Five and the Secret Seven, now let me introduce you to the Equinox Scantastic 4! This is the latest LED scanner effect from the Prolight stable.

It is, in effect, four scanners together in one unit. Although heavier than many other LED lights on the market, it can still be classed as light weight and even a girl (such as me) can lift it with one hand onto a T-bar or trussing.

Each scanner boasts 15 super bright LEDs each (5 blue, 5 green, 4 red and one amber) which gives a total of 60 LEDs dancing round the floor...walls... ceiling. In fact, I was impressed by the coverage of this light.

Although it may appear to have the usual "LED dots" syndrome, it is certainly more interesting and dramatic than some on the market (see picture right).

Using the sound to light option, which was very sensitive and can be adjusted, it progresses through a combination of symmetrical and abstract chases. Movement of the mirrors is incredibly smooth, both at fast and slow speeds. When DMXed, it's an exciting light to be creative with; endless scenes of different LED patterns and pathways can be programmed.

At the venue where we trialed this light, smoke or haze was prohibited. Looking at the strength of the beams, I can only imagine a pretty stunning effect when either are used. Pre-orders of this light were extensive however most Prolight suppliers should now have this effect in stock so ask for a demo at your next visit (or make one especially to see it).

In summary, if you like scanners you will love the Equinox Scantastic 4 and a lucky winner will receive the one we used for this review.

Electro-Voice (EV) microphone EV N/D767a

EV ND767aFor this review, we called on our colleague Andy Goodtimes to put this little gem through its paces. Andy has highly tuned hearing and can hear a pin drop at a thousand paces (or so he tells us)!

The EV N/D767a comes with the typical padded zipper bag, stand clip and printed sheets. The Microphone on first inspection appears well finished and looks smart in black and gold with a nice soft and warm feel rubber sleeve over the barrel.

On first using the 767 one can’t help noticing the perfect balance, even though it does have a rather large diaphragm it's not at all top heavy and therefore not fatiguing to use hand-held for prolonged periods.

I trialed the EV 767 at a variety of functions such as MCing a wedding to a raucous young famer's party. At one function I asked if I could be heard OK at the back and one elderly Welshman shouted…”I can hear you OK but would willingly swap places with someone who can’t”.

The thing that was immediately noticeable was its amazing clarity and warmth when being spoken into softly and then its sheer power and presence when you pick up the voice. I am assuming that the oversized diaphragm is mostly responsible for the large amount of bass grunt whilst the clarity and crispness of the top end is amazing. I did have to tweak the mid-range slightly to get the best out of the mic.

The whole frequency range is reproduced with absolute clarity and accuracy and by adjusting the tone or EQ controls on the mixer it is possible to make this microphone sound good in all venues and for all voices. The EV can also achieve very high outputs before feed-back is present.

So to sum up…I think the EV N/D767a is a fine piece of kit and punches well above its price bracket. I guess the main test and big question is…Would I buy one? Well the answer is yes! Andy can't keep this one (pictured right). but a lucky winner will soon be the proud owner!

Mastermix CD Bundle

Mastermix is Europe's largest DJ music service, providing mixes, remixes, mash ups and DJ friendly compilations to the mobile and club industry. They are created by DJs, for DJs, ensuring that every Mastermix release is tailored to meet the requirements of their subscribers. For more information, visit or

One lucky person will be the recipient of a bundle of Mastermix CDs. This is a terrific prize that will enhance any DJ's music library. In addition...

10 Runner up prizes

Mastermix Issue 29410 lucky winners will each receive Mastermix Issue 294. This is a 2 disc 'must have' compilation for any Christmas party containing mixes of classic festive tracks and good dance floor fillers.

Prizes for everyone

Every participant of this competition will also receive a fantastic, unique disc from Mastermix... so everyone's a winner!


Special thanks go to Bernie at Prolight, Sean at EV and Richard from Mastermix.

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