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Mobile DJ info - Newsletter 29 - April 2011 - Pro DJ UK
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Pro DJ UK - 8th May 2011


Pro DJ UKIf you're reading this, then you are probably a DJ!. If you've been receiving these Infomails and you read each and every one, it means you're serious about your DJ business and the service you offer to your please read on.....

We are lucky in the UK to have fantastic shows such as BPM that tempt us with all the latest DJ equipment. Up till now, there has been very little that concentrates solely on the DJ, the DJ's business and their performance. Where do you go to get ideas on how to improve your website? Why do some DJs charge more for their service and still have a packed diary? How do you take things to the next level?

The details:
When: Sunday 8th May 2011 10am to 4.30pm
Where: The Olde Barn Hotel, Marston, Grantham. NG32 2HT
Tickets available on the door: £17.50 (£10.00 for members of AMPdj, NADJ and SEDA) - more info at

An example of some of the seminars being presented...

David ReedHow to be a Happier, Richer, Mobile DJ by Dave Reed

Did you know that not every DJ gets paid as much as they would like – even when they know they are worth more? Did you know that many DJs are great at DJing and filling the floor; but don’t think they’ve got all the skills they need to really make their DJ business into the goldmine it could be?
You might be one of those DJs.
Or you might be a DJ who already has a really successful DJ business but always wants to find out if things could be better still....
Dave Reed is considered by many to be merely visiting the planet and possibly the maddest guy ever to suggest to DJs that they can earn more. But there are DJs who have listened to him and then foolishly applied this thinking to their businesses – only to find they are making better money!
He claims to be able to help any DJ who will listen to make more money, get more bookings, build a better business, be happier and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Come along to hear the most annoying person writing for ProMobile magazine – or forever wonder what crazy ideas you might have missed!

BarneyMixing for Mobile DJs by Barney Grossman

The art of beat matching or “mixing” isn’t a new one; the concept of overlaying two tracks with one another can be traced back to the Musique Concrete movement that began in the late-1940's. Today beat matching and mixing has been taken to a new levels driven by technology and creativity – you can take advantage of this to develop your own skills to make your performance stand out from your “typical DJ”

In a nutshell the point of beat-matching is to take two tunes, and make them run at exactly the same tempo (BPM). Why? So you can play the two tunes together and go from one to the other without there being a change in the beat. Why? So that you can keep a good dance floor moving without causing a pause in which some guests take the opportunity to leave the dance floor area. So adding beat matching and mixing to your skills set could see your dance floors filled up with more people and for a longer time.

Whilst the art of beat matching and mixing can’t be taught in a few hours let alone 25 minutes, this seminar will look to give you an incite in to understanding the beat, music composition, music selection, matching the tempo, and various types of mixes you can perform.

will perkinsA DJ's Guide to Basic DMX by Will Perkins

Not sure how to get the most from your lighting rig? Not sure how it all goes together and actually works? Are you stuck and not sure how to get your DMX lighting up and running? Then this is for you…

Will Perkins will be talking about the basics of DMX from the beginning. Learn how to get the most from your lighting rig without any prior knowledge of DMX. He’ll be covering your entire system including how to configure your lights, how to plug your setup together and get everything working from the ground up.

This seminar is ideal for anyone who wants to push their rig to the next level who currently has no or little knowledge of DMX as well as those who want to confirm their knowledge and fill in any gaps. There will be a short amount of time for questions and Will is happy to take personal questions after the session.

Will Perkins works full time as a lighting designer and engineer for the professional theatre and entertainment industry as well as occasionally doing a disco here and there. Having delivered many seminars on DMX and the art of lighting, Will knows exactly how to get you off on the right foot. Will also has a hand in the IT world and is the Development Manager for SEDA.

paul smithThe Benefits of Being a Specialist - Become an Expert in Your Area by Paul Smith

Specialists in any market are able to charge more for their services than non-specialists and the DJ industry is no different. Most mobile DJs can adapt to just about any event and this presentation will examine ways to capitalise on your unique talents and ultimately increase your bookings and raise your prices – whatever your chosen area of expertise is.

Paul Smith did his first mobile disco 40 years ago (he was very young!) and is now a full time professional wedding DJ. Founder of the Wedding DJ Association (WdjA) in 2007 and later the Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs (AMPdj), Paul uses his own unique skills to help DJs around the country gain more enquiries.

In this 30 minute seminar Paul will reveal the methods which saw his own enquiries treble in just months and enable him to more than double his booking fee.

sandy soundsRecipe for Conversion by Sandy Sounds

Sandy Sounds from AMPdj and WDJA will be looking at and cooking up a comprehensive and detailed email response to help you to turn those tentative enquiries into confirmed bookings. You will take away a recipe for constructing an effective response by email, probably the hardest type of enquiry to deal with.

She will also be analysing telephone enquiries and passing on some tips for dealing with the conversation that starts with ‘How much do you charge for a disco?’

Sandy Sounds has a vast knowledge of marketing and sales. Her past life includes being a Deputy Headteacher and the Managing Director of a Bulgarian property company. Living and working in Northern Ireland, she is now a full time wedding DJ and one half of AMPdj.

paul arnettExhibiting your wares - The Art of the Fayre by Paul Arnett

Paul Arnett from NADJ will be presenting a short overview of the do’s and don’ts of exhibiting at fayres, be they wedding ones or the relatively new prom fayres. We’ve all done or wanted to do the potentially lucrative wedding fayre but there’s a raft of pitfalls to avoid but some great opportunities to be had as well.

Through this short presentation Paul will talk through some of the great techniques to doing fayres, from the design of your stand to what literature to offer and how to do that all important follow up after the event. Hopefully most DJs wanting to tap into these markets should find the tips and guidelines useful in order to make your investment yield a return in your bookings.

Paul Arnett has been DJing for over twenty years and was one of the driving forces behind the popular “DJ Show North” events, he is currently keeping the chairman’s chair warm at NADJ until this years AGM and maybe beyond?

damien edgeThe Highs and Lows of being a Multi Operator by Damian Edge

Ever thought about turning those extra enquiries into commission based income? Becoming a multi-operator can appear to be an easy way to make some additional money but is it as straight forward as that?

Damian Edge has been working as a DJ for the past 12 years and, for a number of those years as a multi-op. He will give first-hand experience of the rewards and problems that come with changing from a solo-operator to a multi-operator.

The seminar will cover: Can you offer a client the same level of service if it's not you performing at their event? How do you find cover at the last minute if you get let down? Will you be able to ensure that you are choosing the right DJ for the right event? Plus much more.

The benefits can be extremely rewarding however there are a lot more responsibilities and situations to be aware of. Come and see the seminar and decide whether this is the right direction for you.

alex taylorWeb Design - Quick and Easy by Alex Taylor

For most, a website is the shop window to their business and first impressions count.
Have the wrong design and that 'wrong' impression will last LONGER than a good one! But how do you create a design that sets the right impression for your business and how do you design something which not only looks good but works well too!

Alex O'Harrow Taylor will be giving you a quick overview on some of the things you should and shouldn't do with your website. He'll also be discussing the latest trends in web design so you can stay one step ahead of the game and ensure your site not only looks good but works well too! With examples of both good and bad sites, Alex will show you how to use CMS's ( Content Management Systems ) to easily manage and update your site in minutes! Ensuring your customers have the right tools and information is essential so he'll explain what you should be putting on your website and how you can make your site easier to use for your customers!

And finally, Alex will let you into a few secrets of SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) which may help you increase your ranking on Google!

mark walshAre You a Pro ... or Just Busking it? by Mark Walsh

There are plenty of ways a DJ can add value to their service and ultimately earn more money; add equipment, up-sells, be better at customer service ......... Improve your performance?

In a follow up to his recent ProMobile article respected DJ and host Mark Walsh delves in to the audiences expectations of a modern DJ?

It will be a fast paced and fun seminar highlighting the dos and do-not's of presentation and the importance of stage managing your events. Good presentation opens new doors for DJs, no longer are you the one behind the decks you are the one in front.

The afternoon will conclude with the three Pauls' from the three organisations taking to the stage for a discussion about moving from being part time to full time DJing.

More information can be found at the dedicated website or, alternatively, give us a call on 0333 577 2247.
If you're able to make it on the 8th, do come and say hello to Paul and myself.



AMPdj News

Mobile DJ on YouTube 

The 4th in the series of  "The Trials & Tribulations of a Mobile DJ" - a light hearted look at the mobile DJ in the 21st century is now released, complete with out-takes!

Follow the adventures of DJ Hank as he battles with function manager Debra - you want me to go where?

You can view them on the MobileDJUK channel.


DJ AMP Meetups

Further local meet-ups are currently being planned - details will be announced soon.

ProDJUK - Seminar Day

We certainly couldn't fit all the answers into one Infomail, or even one day, but we have got something to announce that all DJs, from veterans to newbies, will find interesting!

Three of the prominent mobile DJ organisations in the UK, Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs (AMPdj), South Eastern Discotheque Association (SEDA) and the National Association of Disc Jockeys(NADJ) have joined forces for the benefit of all DJs, not just members, to present a full day of seminars called Pro DJ UK.

With a tightening of belts throughout the whole country during this recession, it is essential that to survive the current climate, we strive to improve our business and service. PROdjUK is a unique opportunity to attend seminars for self improvement, gathering of ideas and some worthwhile networking with like minded people.

The day will be packed with seminars to help you take your DJ business to the next level. During the day, there will be two seminars running simultaneously, giving you the opportunity to select those that are appropriate to you and your business and build your own agenda. Our aim is that each person leaves at the end of the day with at least five useful things that they can implement.

For more information, visit


AMPdj Member Benefits

WdjA logo Updated! WdjA® has been refreshed with new client sites and a dedicated DJ member info & login site.

The WdjA is for those mobile DJs who have chosen to specialise in weddings.

AMPdj members who meet this criteria can also benefit from a 40% discount off the normal price of £25 for annual WdjA membership.

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AMPdj Benefits ...

  • Extra Client Enquiries
    +Tried & Proven System
    +Open to all Mobile DJs**
    +5 sites bring in enquiries
    +Over 32,000 enquiry emails already sent to members*
    +Complete information sent with every enquiry
    +Includes full contact details - there's nothing more to pay!
  • £10 Million DJ PLI
    + Product Liability
    + Dry Hire Cover
    + Legal Defence Costs
    + PLI Certificate
    + PLI On-line Validator
    + Cover available immediately
    + Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance
    Exclusive for Mobile DJs
  • Additional Benefits
    + New! Free Web Hosting on Linux server - 2Gb space
    + Discounted Equipment Insurance
    + Discounts for other DJ related services/products
    + Use of AMPdj® logo on promotional material
    + Marketing advice tips for your Disco Business
    + Risk Assessment & Booking Forms
    + Easy to register & login
    + AMPdj Membership Card
    + We're available to assist you by email and phone
  • This Complete Package
    All inclusive for only £49!

 *Period from 21st Aug 2009
**Full terms can be found



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