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Mobile DJ info - Newsletter 19 - June 2010 - Product news for DJs

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Product News & Updates for Mobile DJs


For this Infomail we have been reviewing some new, innovative and upgraded products for DJs. We have chosen a variety of items and software that cover the Planning, Presentation, Performance & Personal aspects of being a mobile DJ.


DJ Event Planner
A software application which literally puts all the elements of organising a gig into one basket. Conveniently, the basket isn't stored on your computer so can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection by means of a login and password.

There are 5 primary functions: scheduling calendar, customer portal, email system, event planning forms and document creation with the option to select the facilities and tools that you want to utilise on your website.

One of the key features allows your clients to access documents, plan their event and even make song choices. With the optional tools, it transforms a website from an online brochure to being fully interactive and engaging.

In summary, DJ Event Planner saves you time, helps to organise your events, negates the need for mountains of paperwork, encourages communication with your clients and could ultimately improve the service you provide to those clients.

More information can be found at AMPdj members can select a free 3 month trial using the supplied code in the AMPdj 'Member Benefits' section of the login area.


ShowVision LED Curtain
For the 'wow' factor, the ShowVision LED Curtain can enhance any mobile disco show. The operative word is 'mobile' as it folds up into a neat, lightweight package and is straightforward to erect and disassemble (even I can do it!). Made from soft velour material and multicoloured LEDs, it is easy to hang from trussing or tripods using the supplied reusable cable ties.

Although fully DMXable, it also comes with a simple controller that can put on an impressive display using the sound to light function and the 30 preset patterns ranging from a raindrop through to a windmill effect. Currently, it is available as a 3m x 2m curtain, which is ideal as a backdrop. The 2m x 1m, which lends itself to being a frontage for a table or booth, will be available shortly.

Text 2 Screen
T2S Mobile, Text 2 screen is an exciting product to encourage unprecedented interaction between you and your guests/audience. It is a versatile program that could enhance a wedding, club/pub or corporate event. Once the program is installed on your computer, all you need is a secondary screen for the audience to view which could be a monitor, plasma screen or projector. Communication is via a compatible mobile phone or GSM modem, so there's no need for an internet connection.

It can be used for sending messages to share, requests for songs, shout out for birthdays, photos (via Bluetooth), video streaming, etc. It gives a whole new meaning to getting the guests involved in the evening!

The display can be personalised and customised to suit your own needs, the venue and the occasion. An automatic filter prevents the use of swearing, although nothing is displayed for all to see without your approval, which is part of the unique feature of this system. There is also marketing potential as the program collates and stores mobile numbers on a database.

The T2S Mobile basic program is available from £99 (all subscribers to this Infomail can also select a free module upgrade using discount code amp980). The full software suite is available for only £199 to AMPdj members (usual price £325). More details of its capabilities to enhance a performance and other unique features can be found at


As legal download sites and the purchasing of individual music, video and karaoke tracks becomes more accessible, there is a significant increase in the number of DJs who are favouring this method of performing. We have reviewed two leading brands which have been designed with the professional DJ in mind.

MixMeister Fusion
The mixing potential of this program is amazing. Very simply, you can drag and drop music files onto a timeline, and play back. But then MixMeister has the capability of going much further than this with features allowing the user many different and unique options as to how songs merge into each other including time stretch, manually beat match, edit songs, loop, insert sound effects, overlay or automatically beat match many songs at the same time which results in a polished, professional performance. The end result can also be exported to a CD or an iPod as one continuous track and still keep the idents.

Although the time line is active, there is also the opportunity to cue and listen on headphones before mixing live. The potential for the DJ who performs mainly through his mixing skills, such as club or at younger persons functions, is enormous. A trial version can be downloaded from

OtsAV DJ Pro
The general function Dj who performs mainly at parties and weddings will find OtsAV DJ Pro offers an ideal playback solution. For functions where timings are crucial, OtsAV has a time line that indicates how long the music will play for. The search facility is very instant and straight forward. Tracks can be tagged and you can view tunes from the same genre with one click.

OtsAV can incorporate your video and karaoke files, mixing them effortlessly between music tracks. The simplicity of this program with auto DJ and automated beat mixing allows you more time for presenting and interaction with your audience.

Another feature we've found particularly useful is the dynamic processor. Select 'Radio' when playing background music and the sound level remains constant between and within tracks. A trial version can be downloaded from AMPdj members will receive a 10% discount off any purchase (go to 'Member Benefits' from the AMPdj login area).


With today's busy schedules, it's quite easy to let important dates slip our minds. MemoMinder helps you manage your life, business and family. You can set up single reminders or recurring ones so that you never forget a meeting, birthday, anniversary or appointment again. MemoMinder will remind you by email so you can get on with your life.

Sorry MemoMinder is no longer available


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